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Hey there, Neighborhood Trendsetters! 🌟 We've got some exciting news for you! Our epic pre-sale event is just around the corner, and it's staying open for a whopping 14 days! But here's the deal: to make sure your orders are absolutely perfect, we need about 6 weeks for production. After that, it's just a short 5-7 business days for delivery, and your goodies will be at your doorstep. 🚚✨

Now, we want to be super transparent with you all – every single item you order is made-to-order with loads of love and attention to detail. That means if you can't wait a bit for your fantastic items to arrive, this might not be the best fit for you. 🙈 But hang on, we promise it's worth the wait!

And guess what? We're fully committed to hitting those timelines NO CAP but life happens, right? If anything changes with your order, rest assured we'll reach out to you immediately and keep you in the loop. Your satisfaction is our top priority. So get ready to grab some dope stuff and stay fly with Neighborhood Trendsetter! 💃🕺🛍️

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